If there’s no tie,
you are not able to fly.
If you don’t have a try,
everything is just a lie.
Whenever you look at the sky,
you can find something interesting in your eyes.
Not everyone around you is a spy;
wants to walk in your world and say “hi”.
But I, will always be the guy,
staring at you like the winter’s sunshine.
When your heart gets moist I know how to dry.
I always stand with you with smile.
I will never say “goodbye”.

Postscript. This is the first poem I wrote in English.

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  1. 老哥不愧是英语老师,羡慕。



  2. 计划搬迁到腾讯云,正在申请备案,备案期间可能无法正常访问!敬请谅解,谢谢。

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