Good News

I heard good news on June 27, 2018. My educational bureau is about to select seven English teachers from village schools for the Number Five Middle School in July. The school was built last year. And it lies in county town near the Number Six Primary School. Popularly, to be a teacher in county town is a dream of many village school teachers.

For a change, this select examination is just one step ”written examination”. There’s no interview. The candidates passed “written examination” will be employed. It’s fairer, I think. I work at a village school for eight years. I like my job in village school, but I do want a change, such as teaching in county town. So I begin to review for the examination. Unfortunately, my job in the village school is doing some chores but teaching English in class. That is to say, I must pay more energy and more time to prepare for the examination.

Whatever to say, it’s good news for me. I’ll give it a try. If I make it, I will meet my wife and son every day. If I lose the examination, I will find out the gap with others.

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    1. @吃馒头的猫:现在老大不小了,没有多少时间网上逛了,博客也只能记记生活和工作中的琐碎了。

        1. @梁兴健:看看就好,不一定都要搞懂。不然,路边那么多美女经过,都要一一搞懂~~~~~~

    1. @姜辰:俗话说得好,一个丑二个怪三个四个做来卖,不放弃比什么都重要。

  1. 貌似我听到了一个好消息,不管成功与否,。

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