Went Home

There was a long wall on a hill, and I was climbing. When I stood on the wall, I found my mother was going straight toward me. “Did you go to the bathroom? My little baby?” A voice pulled me into real life. “en…”I found my wife standing by my bed and it was twenty-five past four.

I was hoeing on a farm with a hoe. When I stood and had a rest, I found my father who was standing on the ridge looking at me. He was the same as my mother and said nothing. He was just looking at me in silence. “Oh, dad, how are you?” I greeted my dad and then woke up. “What time is it?” I took my handset from the side of my pillow and found it was half to six.

Oh! It’s also a dream, I’m still in bed! Why did I have dreams like these last night? It may be contacted by the dialogue that happened between my wife and me before we went to the bedroom. We talked about the winter vacation. Everyone knows the students and the workers working in school have vacations called summer vacation or winter vacation. I’m a teacher, so do I. I have parents living in my hometown ——Weng’an, gz province. My father and mother are over sixty years old. But they do farm work as usual. I want to meet them during the winter vacation. Of course, I plan to take my wife and my son with me. But it is almost 2000 km from nx to gz, it’s a very long journey. We may spend a lot of money. “We may get very tired on vacation; let’s stay in nx and give the money we may spend on the journey to our parents, shall we?” My wife tries to persuade me. Ha-ha, but you know, I’m a man with a stubborn character. I said nothing and went to sleep last night.

To our surprise, when we got up, we found it didn’t seem like the day before, it’s sunny today. The sky is blue as usual; the birds crow on the tree. Absolutely, we talked as we walked without any unhappiness.

12 thoughts on “Went Home”

  1. 经常做梦可不是好事,那是身体弱化的表现,主要是指神的不足。话说nx和gz这么远,怎么会定居在那边呢?

    1. 谢谢如此实在的留言,身体确实应该加强锻炼了。

    1. 嗯,人心不足,小时候向往天涯,长大了却向往故乡。
      ps. 勉强用English来发布几篇日志,还得感谢 mypitaya.com 的在线语校对呢!

  2. 总觉得方块字最顺眼。还有,与父母之间的对话,非汉语表达不出原有的味道。

    1. 谢谢。看来有的文字内容,与语言关系还挺大的,欢迎常来常往直言相告哈!

    1. 是啊,咫尺天涯。老兄,你的坤泽教育两年了,赚得还行吧?

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