How were your choices?

Perhaps you felt happy when you led a varied life, but you must understand that the varied life was based on the many choices around you. In other words, you were drowning in data but possibly starved of information. You would sometimes feel tired too when you are told you must make a choice amongst so many options.

So what should you do? Maybe you better study harder than yesterday and improve your ability gradually at making choices. For example, if you have a web-log and you maintain cordial relations with your neighbours but eventually you find that their personality is completely different from yours, at least you can recollect when you were still friendly to them. Aha, it’s just a little joke. You seem to be a good listener; in fact, you did with reluctance perhaps.

Since there are so many choices all around the world, some choices are necessary and you should earnestly prepare to make them. However you must know here are still some choices you can make; you must understand that the choices made by your own self will affect your future more than before.

As time goes by, how important will be the choices we make at present? Don’t care about the answer for now but go on trying your best to do what you aim for without any hesitation. Don’t let a great idea remain just a thought in your mind for too long.

20 thoughts on “How were your choices?”

    1. @曹操吉祥三宝:习惯就好了,我开始如此自言自语,每天“学习强国”电台里有个英语的,一天开到晚。

  1. 面对诸多选择,要及时地作出判断,不然,再好的想法往往也会因为犹豫不决而消磨掉了最初的锐气。

    1. @行吟游子:thanks very much. my english was always bad at school. but i love english very very much. i even changed my name from wang yukun to wang yushuang. the new name means 双语王. because lyce thinks there are two important languages, chinese and english.

  2. 数学培养还好,语文和写作方面就不懂如何着手了。我儿子现在就是数学比较厉害

  3. 深有同感。

    1. @老何:关键是现在教材“知识点”引力太小,学生都无比聪明,很难吸引过来。

    1. @WRZ:有空也有心的时候就更新,反正再不为所谓的SEO做站了。

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