844.Week 20:16 May to 22 May

Sunday, 16 May. Study hard for three days. It’s warm and fine. He went to school second times. The first time, considering that the printing room is full of abandoned boxes, he went to school and did some cleanings. The second, the counter Tzh asks him to open the printing room’s door, a decorating worker is setting up the curtain. There is a very important thing he almost forgot, he went to the computer class and did the exercise for three days! It’s a four-day holiday, and he used three days to learn, he was right!

Monday, 17 May. Computer test. The middle school computer test begins, and it continued to the second day’s morning. As a forward selection teacher, he joined the test. And his performance wasn’t too bad.

Tuesday, 18 May. Good news. The computer test ended at noon. After lunch, he had a rest on the deck chair in the printing room. When it turned to 2:30, he began his printing works. “Kung, kung,kung…” “Congratulations! You’d better stand treat,” he received an Excel file and a We-Chat msg. After it and found there was a winner list of the fifth basic education subject study. “Am I here?” he presses the keyboard “Ctrl + F” and inputs “WANG-Yushuang”, then “Enter”, to his surprise, he found that he won the second prize!

Wednesday, 19 May. Good news. “Good news,” Tl, a teacher in the same school, sent a msg in the We-Chat group “Core teacher”. What happened? He continued to watch the msg, “The municipal core teacher’s certificate was here. Please go to the county teaching and research section to get back.” Wow, good news follows good news.

Tuesday, 20 May. As usual. Nothing special, he did his printing works as usual. But in the sun-set, he bought a smartphone for his child’s grandfather.

Friday, 21 May. 1) Continue learning. He recovered his Doctor’s plan. He continues to organize his reading notes during last Winter vacation. To be thinking of his bad pronunciation, he plans to reinforce learning on his standard Chinese and English pronunciation. Of course, it’s a big job. Maybe he just says, as usual. 2) He was late for a party. What do you think of social intercourse? He was late for a small party of Grade 9. It holds by his colleague Txj, and Txj sent him a msg “Friday, half-past five, In a hurry.” on this Wednesday. But when class is over, he went home and stayed with his family. He doesn’t want to join the party. “The phone is ringing!” he received Txj’s phone at half-past six. He replied, “OK, I’m coming.” Then his wife drove him to the hotel. When he got in the room, he found it’s almost ending. He shouldn’t come. He made a wrong decision.

Saturday, 22 May. 1) Computer Parent. He set up a Computer Parent (a soft of managing children’s surfing net time) on 6 May. Considering that his child’s time surfing online becomes more and more, he decides to manage it seriously from this day. 2) The boss was changed. While he sent his child to the piano training class, he found the breakfast shop’s boss was changed. Today’s Baozi is 1 yuan per one, and the porridge is free. What happened? 3) Aliyun understands you. While setting up Freshrss, he found the Index of www.net.cn has changed, and it looks more like a entrepreneurs’ home. Just as its ad said, “It isn’t easy, Aliyun understand you.”

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