842.Week 19:From 9 May to 15 May

Sunday, 9 May. The mid-term testing goes on. He works as usual today. It’s the second day of the mid-term test.

Monday, 10 May. He fails to help one of his friends Lm. Work today. He received a call comes from Lm. Lm wants to transact a student’s temporary absence from school for a student. He wants to help Lm, and he goes to the headmaster’s office. “Look. It’s near the holiday, it’s too late to apply for a student’s temporary, we can’t make it.” his boss refused his request at last. He has to tell Lm the bad result in a low tone.

Tuesday, 11 May. 1)The day before a holiday is often very busy. Work today. There are many printing tasks. Almost every day before a holiday, his colleagues like to send him more printing tasks. He tried his best, even give up his resting time, to prepare papers for them. 2) She got a 300 yuan shopping card. She sent him a photo of a 300 yuan shopping card.

Wednesday, 12 May. 1)Received a souvenir — an umbrella. Work today. Zbx, one of his colleagues, gave him an umbrella. It the memories souvenirs of the activity on 29 April. 2)Condolence goods. For the International Labor Day and Eid Al-Fitr, he got a bag of rice and a pot of oil.

Thursday, 13 May. 1)Eid al-Fitr and four-day holiday. It’s Eid al-Fitra today. For celebrating Eid al-Fitr, all of the workers in Ningxia have four days to rest. This holiday begins on 13 May and ends on 16 May.
2) Father is here.20210513To his surprise, his wife’s father got Haiyuan at 14:00. “It’s too hot in Sichuan, and the weather here is very cool, and I like it very much.” his father said with a smile. He said, “Yes, dad, welcome to Haiyuan to prevent sunstroke.”

Friday, 14 May. Practice the computer test questions. It’s rainy outside. The four-day holiday goes on. But he didn’t choose to rest. Instead, he goes to the school’s computer classroom to practice the test questions. “Our students in grade 9 will have the computer test on 17, and it continues two days,” he remembered what his headmaster said before this holiday. And it means there are just three days left. There are thirty questions in all. And he finished fifteen questions today.

Saturday, 15 May. 1) Practice goes on. The computer test questions’ practice continues. He exercised the last fifteen questions — two of them he didn’t solve well. He plans to ask Mr. Zjh, one of the school’s computer teachers two days later. 2) It isn’t so difficult as you imagine. It’s about 2:00 p.m, his little sister phoned him and told him she just took part in an employee entrance examination. “No many people joined the exam. And the testing paper isn’t so difficult as I imagined.” his little sister said to him. “So you should be confident about finding a work in Guizhou,” he replies with a smile. 3) It’s good to be smooth. Afternoon, he got home. In the dining room, he picks up a balloon that was full of water on the ping-pong table and said, “It’s round, soft. So it’s safety. I no longer hate the smooth.”

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