841.Week 18:From 2 May to 8 May

Sunday, 2 May. It’s the second day of “International Lable Day”, he plans to visit the “Liupanshan Red Army Long March Scenic Area” with his family. At about 9:00, they got out of “Longde Hostel” and found a breakfast bar to have breakfast. Then they go straight to the destination.20210502Entrance ( Liupanshan Red Army Long March Scenic Area )

1) It opens for free. To their surprise, the place is free for visitors. All the fee need they pay is just the fare of the bus — it’s just 20 Yuan per person. When they get there, they found that the people weren’t so many as they think. “Maybe it’s too early,” he said to his wife. While they begin to climb, they found a group of soldiers climbing, too.20210502Foot ( Liupanshan Red Army Long March Scenic Area )

These soldiers look very young, all of them may be under twenty years old. “Maybe a class?” he says. Except for these soldiers, there are a few visitors, climbing the hill. It’s a very high hill, and on the road of climbing it, there are many memories installations. Such as an iron bridge, a bomb, a meeting address, etc. They enjoy this beautiful science and feel these memories installations.

2) It is not so good. There is some cloud at first, and they can climb normally. But, when they get halfway up the hill, it begins to hail, and then rain. Before they get out they didn’t take any umbrellas, and near the road, there is little useful room to take shelter from hail and rain.

3) Found a brave boy. He loves to take photos with his cellphone, but this day he didn’t get any good photos, especially after climbing the top. It doesn’t matter, because of the rain, he saw his son’s bravery. When it hail or rain, his son goes on running on the road. For protecting, he is still following. All in a word, the father and the son have fun. Of course, you can imagine the third person — his wife (the son’s mom) is very worried about their action, she hopes to found a place to shelter from the hail and the rain together.

4) Get wet. Haha, most of the people on the road get wet at last. They are halfway up the hill, they don’t have another choice but go on climbing. When they get to the mountaintop, they found that there is also fog, strong wind. The visibility is very low.20210502Top ( Liupanshan Red Army Long March Scenic Area )

Fortunately, there is a small restaurant, a shop, and a special museum on the top; and they can get in for shelter from the worse weather.

5) A new friend. Oh, there is another interesting thing, while they climb the mountain they meet a child named HUANG-Haopeng. HUANG-Haopeng comes from Zhongwei and about seven years old. HUANG-Haobo likes climbing, so he, his son, his wife, and HUANG-Haobo climb together in the rest time. “Where are HUANG-Haobo’s parents? “of course, they are back. His son and HUANG-Haobo talked very much. He feels happy when he saw the two boys running, saying, sheltering, etc.

Afternoon, they end the self-driving tour and went back home.

Monday, 3 May. He goes to the printing room for preparing the midterm exercising papers. This day he edits all of the papers well.

Tuesday, 4 May. He begins to print these papers. Two printers work together, and the noise becomes stronger. For protecting his hearing, he wears special earphones. Oh, it’s very busy this day.

Wednesday, 5 May. The same as 4 May. There is something stronger, he received two messages. One comes from Rivalsa.cn,“Hello, I’m Rivalsa, we changed friend links. But your website can’t open continuous days…Hope you can check it, thanks.” The other comes from Laomai.org,20210505-2” Mr. Wang, I can’t open your website while CDN works. ” He was surprised, “how could it be? What happened? I just changed the system of Aliyun ECS from 32 bit to 64 bit,” he says to himself. He plans to check it when he is free.

Thursday, 6 May. The holiday is over. All of the teachers and students went back to school. He counts the papers print previous two days. It seems to be very quiet when he count the papers. But he can also feel a little boring, to be honest.

Friday, 7 May. He has time for a cup of water, finally.

Saturday, 8 May. The mid-term testing begins. He is a little busy. After surfing many websites he solves the problem of website access. And the RSS’s auto-refresh also returns to normal. 20210508He just stopped the SQL and restarted it, and everything goes well suddenly. Hahaha! How magical it is! 

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  1. 王老师的站点我永远都可以打开。


    1. 是的。当初打江山的先烈勇士们,值得活着的人永远铭记在心。我们也理当把开创更加美好生活的任务继续下去。

  2. 13年开车走过六盘山,高速没有通,隧道封了,半夜迷路了,还碰到迷路的半挂司机,现在想想也是醉了。

    1. G了一下“International Labour’s Day”,提示“Showing results for International Labour Day”
      You’re right! Thank you for reminding me.

        1. 我也最怕阅读理解,动辄四五十分,却拿不到几分。

    1. 读了19年书,(以学生身份)接触英语13年,

  3. 嘿嘿,爬到半山腰下起冰雹还没地方躲雨…这妥妥的变成落汤鸡。我这每次打开你的博客都挺快没问题。

    1. 嗯,是有点儿狼狈。那就好,本站以文字为主,图片不多,视频更少,希望速度能快些–hk主机,只能这样了吧 。

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