839.A Interesting Web Site

Last month, he found an interesting website “LittleFox.com“. It’s about learning English. No, he thinks it’s just a video website for children. There are many interesting stories in it. The actors are all animals in the form of cartoons. He watched about three stories and found that almost every story tries to tell people a truth or a reason, especially for children. “English is my second language, he might miss many cartoon stories.” When he understands this, he decided to watch these videos in his spare time.

4 thoughts on “839.A Interesting Web Site”

  1. 终于可以访问了,哈哈哈~

    1. 其实早些时候我就发现开代理后无法访问的问题,一直没在意;这回倒是找到原因彻底给解决了–谢谢大家的反馈,让我(逼得我)把问题解决好了。

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