838.Week 17:From 25 April to 1 May

Sunday, 25 April. He goes to school to print the certificate of merit for the sports meeting in the afternoon.

Monday, 26 April. The deputy headmaster ZW award prizes for the excellent classes in the sports meeting. He took some photos of the printing machines for the accountant. Why does the accountant want to know the model number of printing machines?

Tuesday, 27 April. The headmaster asks him for more information about the printing machines, paper sheets, ink, etc. “Do they want to decide the procurement channels for consumables?” he speaks to himself. LHJ, one of his colleague works in the dean’s office, came to the printing room and told him ” The headmaster agreed your application. And you can ask LJB for a computer and a print machine now.” He’s happy and said ” Thanks.”

Wednesday, 28 April. He prints exercise papers for teachers as usual. The printing work is busier than ever. Because there are three grades: seven, eight, and nine. This July, grade nine will have an entrance examination. All of the teachers and students of grade nine are very busy and conscientious. Grade nine is our first session and we hope for a surprising result.

Thursday, 29 April. Print, print, print, all of his work is going among computer and printing machines. He received many printing tasks every day. Many times, he works until 11 p.m.
He took part in a hiking activity hold by the county trade union with four colleagues, because he wants to get out and have a rest. They gather in the bureau of education at 1:20 p.m. Thirty minutes later, they get to destination “GuanQiao”. When they get out of the bus, “How many peoples there are!” he was surprised. The people wear red T-shirts and have a special hat. “Today, there are 1,600 staff and workers attend the hiking activity! Let’s seek the red footmark of our party!” the emcee says at the opening ceremony. They hiked for 4 km this time. “I will be sorry if I didn’t come this day!” he says happily.

Friday, 30 April. Movie the printing room. It’s about half-past 10:00, he received LJB’s call. “Our printing room is moving from No.2 teaching building to No.1 teaching building. It’s a decision of the headmaster.” With the help of some students, he completed the relocation of the printing room. However, the placement of items and the installation of the equipment have yet been completed. It’s a very busy day!

Saturday, 1 May. It’s “International labors’ Holiday”.20210501He has five days to rest. He can do what he wants. When he gets up at 7:00 a.m. He begins to write logs. And plan to go to school to arrange the items well. On this day, he has to account for the materials left. If it’s necessary he will contact the supplier because there is a mid-term test next week——This is just his plan. When time goes to 10:00 a.m. his wife and his son get up. They want to have a tour, the destination is the most famous landscape “Liupanshan National Forest Park”. Thanks to his family’s need to relax, he agrees with her suggestion of self-driving tours and they have a wonderful day!

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    1. “西海固位于宁夏回族自治区南部,是黄土丘陵区的西吉、海原、固原等国家级贫困县的统称,1972年被联合国粮食开发署确定为最不适宜人类生存的地区之一。”(转自:http://www.nxxj.gov.cn/xwzx/mtjj/201905/t20190515_1487200.html)


  1. 哇五一去六盘山了啊,我倒是一直心心念念想去。五一我这边听说高速变成了停车场,像我这种没车的去趟省城坐大巴车也会被堵在路上。

  2. 3日也去远足的,绕新建的公园一圈也差不多是4公里。走走停停,看不同的风光,倒也不是觉得很远。

  3. 老师王养老了,如果还是拿职称的工资,那不亏。


    1. 跟着职称走,上课的有绩效,教辅后勤的好像没个啥。zw是人名拼音首字母呢。徒步行,凑个热闹,,文印室“哐当,哐当…”想出去静一静。

        1. 是的,黄土高坡典型地质。村庄和路边通常有人工林,再远的地方除了人工林以外,都是黄土坡了。

          1. 因此,沙尘暴是常有的事,不过,近年来好些了,有了大面积人工防护林。

  4. 打印这词几乎都会出现在你每天的日程里..哈哈。

    1. 文印室(wys),算是一种巧合吧。

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