836.Week 15:From 11 April to 17 April

Sunday, 11 April. 1)We’d better go early. They got up early. When they arrived at the breakfast shop near the piano practice class, it’s just 8 o’clock. They have half an hour to have breakfast. He didn’t worry about that “Dad, I don’t eat born, because I have no time. I must go.” This morning, his son ate a baozi and drank some congee. When his son got into the piano practice class, they went back home. “I’ve something to do in my school, you bring our baby home from the class, OK? ” She looked at him. “Sure,” he said. When they come back home, they sit in front of their respective computers, listen to music, watch videos, or play games.2) Fleet of Time. In the evening, they went to “Fleet of Time”, eat hot pot. It’s so delicious that the child is very happy.

Monday, 12 April. Goodbye, Mr.T. It’s the first day of work. He printed many exercises for teachers. Ht, the full-time branch secretary of the school he works public a list which didn’t hand in reading experience in the school’s We-Chat group this morning. “What’s wrong? I handed in last week, and some colleagues can testify for me.” Someone told him “It was lost, maybe. Hand in again, OK?” He has no idea “That’s it.” After rising the national flag, he has something want to ask his boss. “Mr. T, someone asks me for the exercises papers, can I give them?” But T came in the printing room with him, “Oh, I’ve something I want to tell you.” “I’m transferring away the next morning.” “Ha? Where are you going, Mr. T?” he fell some strong for this news. “Oh, a village.” “Which one?” he wants to know detailly. T told him “Guanqiao.” “But I will miss you, Mr. T. I don’t want you to leave.” he looked at T. Afternoon, he wrote a letter to T. Many of his colleagues said “Goodbye” to Mr.T in the school We-Chat group in the evening.

Tuesday, 13 April. Nothing special as usual. He went home after 11 a.m. and prepared supper for his family. “W, there are the exercised papers for the second time test. Can you finish the printing before this Thursday?” the Dean of education told him. “Maybe, I’ll do my best.” he received a big task. So he sent a new message in the We-Chat group “From now on, the printing room stop print. 13, April”.

Wednesday, 14 April. He didn’t miss it. He edits these exercise papers in the morning, and he started to print them in the afternoon. It’s about 10 p.m. he finished printing. But there is no taxi near the school. “It’s a nice night, why don’t I go home on foot?” And, between the school and his home, there is a beautiful garden. Many peach trees, pear trees all around it. Unfortunately, “Wow, they smell great!” he didn’t miss it.

Thursday, 15 April. Who can help me? He’s very busy these days as usual. He got to school at half-past six. He must open the printing room and hand out these exercise papers with his colleagues Z and T.
He’s busy on a personal network disk site “u.wys.me” in his spare time, but it seems a little difficult. He clicks some of his QQ groups and We-Chat groups for help. He typed “Who can help me?” “Let me try.” Feizi, a member of the We-Chat group “The Group of China Blogger” replied.

Friday, 16 April. 1)Joined a parting dinner. The test ended at this noon. And the printing goes on. It’s about 3 p.m. the Dean of education sent him a message “Mr. T will have a dinner, ‘Fleet of Time’, room 888, 6.p. Will you come?” “Copy,” he replied. And so it was, he went to “Fleet of Time” with Tg — one of his colleagues. When they got to the hotel, it’s just half-past five. All of the others arrived and the dinner started at half-past 6 p.m. He thought it’s not necessary to be so early next time. 2) Thank you, Feizi. “It’s OK. I did it for you. Have a look?” he received a message from Feizi at 11 a.m. When he wants to pay for it, Feizi replied “No, it isn’t necessary.” It’s great not to be caught by money, he just likes to do the things he likes — may not be for money.

Saturday, 17 April. Joined in a study tour. He attended a study tour organized by the school party branch. The destination is Guanqiao town.
At Guanqiao town, there is a “the Centennial Pear Garden”, a “Hejiapu Convention Site”, and so on. So did her school. The son went with him. All of the Primary schools in the county and little primary schools near the county organized a similar study tour the same day. When they got to the destination it’s just a quarter past 9 a.m. There were many visitors, most of them are students and teachers.

So it seems that the Education Bureau arranged well. He took his son and visited every view spot. Sometimes they walk with the group, sometimes they run among the people, and sometimes they took the cell phone and took photos. Near noon they come back from Guanqiao to school. “It’s a wonderful study tour!” his son said to him.

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        1. 没办法,因为一线教学功力不足,普通话也很不普通,现在已被划为完全的“教辅工勤”人员一类了。

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