834.Week 14:From 4 April to 10 April

Sunday, 4 April. He stayed at home and washed some clothes.

Monday, 5 April. Today is the Qingming Festival. When it comes, people have another day to rest. Became when it became a nationwide festival holiday, it added Saturday and Sunday, he has three days off. But he has a question: once upon a time, people did something to memory the elapse relatives; and now people have to plant trees outside. That means Qingming Festival can also mean Planting Festival. Why put these questions together? It seems that the Planting holiday was confused with the Qingming Festival. He just wants to figure it out. Oh, there’s an interesting thing in the residential district he lives, look,A residential district shops.

Tuesday, 6 April. It’s time to go to work. The first morning is very busy because he must finish his reading notes and hand them before 11 a.m. Of course, he had to put some of his printing work down. When he’s ready to hand in his reading note he received a call from his boss “Hey, are the painting work busy these days?” He backed “Not very.” His boss said, “Ok, come to my office, please.” So he went to his boss’s office as usual. There’s one material he must hand in is a piece of “One helps one” — it’s a helpful agreement between Party teachers and students. He took KY as his helpful object. Before the afternoon teachers’ meeting, he called KY’s family’s number and asked some questions about KY.

Wednesday, 7 April. His school organizes students to plant trees near school. The No.1 primary school had a sports meeting this day. This afternoon, when his son got home, “Dad, my legs almost broke!” He looked at his son with a very worried expression “Tell me, baby, what happened?” “I stand in the playground for 4 hours!” He asked, “what about the others?” His son answered, “Them too.” “Oh, don’t worry, baby. You’re so brave. But you can put a book on the ground first and then have a sit next time.” YY smiled “Okay, dad.”

Thursday, 8 April. The planting trees and the sports meeting went on. How beautiful sunset glow it is! He left hometown and lives in HY over 10 years. Sometimes, he has a strange filling, the other people’s hometowm is his end of the world, and his hometown may be the other people’s end of the world.

Friday, 9 April. He’s busy finding some interesting videos in his spare time. “It’s very necessary to relax after work,” he told himself. There isn’t just work in people’s life. As the saying goes, “Wait for work with ease.”

Saturday, 10 April. He’s busy finding videos.

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    1. 度了一下,果然如此,清明是大节,之下有许多小的活动,其中之一就是植树。

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