832.Week 13:From 28 March to 3 April

Sunday, 28 March. What happened? Six days passed. He forgot what happened this day. Perhaps he was busy changing the system operating language from Chinese to English.

Monday, 29 March. 1) We need you. He went to work as usual. Before he left home, “My dear, you must go to school by taxi, listen to me, I hope you’re safe every day, because I and our baby need you.” His wife said to him. Maybe she knew that he sometimes rides an electromotor to work quietly. “The small electromotor isn’t so safe to you.” She said it many times. But it’s hard to stop adventure for him. Because he likes driving very much. But, his body is not suitable for driving. So he feels a little sad when he’s alone.
2) Print the test papers. His boss told him “Here are the examination papers, and you must finish printing today. Because our Grade 9 has an examination tomorrow morning.” “Copy, sir. I’ll do my best to finish it.” He said and then got in the printing room and edit the examination papers. It’s about four o’clock in the afternoon, he finished the edition. After the supper in the dining room, he began to print these examination papers. Four hours later, he sent his officer a message “Sir, I made it. Papers are ready now.” Several seconds later he raves “Good jobs.”

Tuesday, 30 March. 1) Teacher is busy. Today is the first mock examination for Grade nine. Every teacher was so busy when it’s dark; most of them feel very tired. And the examination will continue to the next day. If you work in a middle school, you will know that the teacher’s work wasn’t as easy as somebody says. To be honest, there isn’t really easy work. It’s hard to work; it’s harder to die, so we don’t have a choice but to go straight day by day.
2) How are you, dad? 20210330It’s raining these days. He remembers the description of his hometown Guizhou “It’s not sunny for 3 days.” It means it always to be cloudy or rainy in Guizhou. So when it rains, he begins to miss his hometown, miss his parents. At nine o’clock in the evening, he gave his parents a call. His father told him something interesting, such as the rabbit meat in the fridge. His father wants to put it until he returns home.

Wednesday, 31 March. Took photos. 20210331He took many photos on his way home. He finished his work and left at six o’clock. The rain stopped and the air becomes very clean. He decided to go home on foot. There is a garden named “Xihu Garden” between the school he works and the district lives. Many peach blossoms, it looks very beautiful. He took out his cell phone and took many photos with a smile.

Thursday, 1 April. 1) It’s snowy. 20210402Oh, my god? The four seasons become odorless these years. The peach blossom goes with the snow; the hail goes with the rain. Why the god does likes joke so much? 2) He’s very busy. He was very busy today. Many teachers sent him many examination papers and hope he can finish the printing before Friday. When he finished his work, it’s 8 p.m.

Friday, 2 April. It’s also a busy morning. Many teachers sent him examination papers and hoped he can print them in 3 hours. There’s short of printing material, so he’s a little worried. Fortunately, someone called him and told him there’s an express delivery waiting for him at 11 a.m. “It’s the printing material, good!” All the morning, he’s busy with his printing work.

Saturday, 3 April. 1) He set up the English edition Office on his computer. He stayed at home. He’s busy with the Office’s languages. Because the computer system surface language is English, and he wants to change the Office’s surface language from Chinese to English, too. It took him about 2 hours to browse the Internet and download and set up the right edition. Before this, he is familiar with its Chinese edition, so it’s maybe easy to use its English edition. It’s not a big deal.20210403He’s confident about it. The computer system operating surface, Office, WeChat, and the browser have been changed from Chinese to English. The QQ is still Chinese.
2) Goodbye, QQ! He found the company’s site qq.com but he fails to find an international edition of the QQ. “QQ has become history. It’s time to say ‘Goodbye’ to QQ?” He asks himself. The school he works uses the WeChat to contant employees. And many of his colleagues also like to use WeChat to sent messages to their families and friends. Perhaps it’s time to say “Bye, QQ.”
3) Watched a movie. When the dark came, he clicked on a video site and watched a movie named “Black Rose”. It’s a movie about a Mexico police station. X is a policeman, he is very brave and clever in many dangerous situations. He was sent to Los Anges to help the local police station. A woman, his new partner, worked with him very well. They succeed in catching the bad guy in the end. Of course, the movie is a little scary.
4) Found a great song. After watching this movie, he found “New Songs 2020” and try to listen. “here’s to the ones that we got / cheers to the wish you’re here / but you were not …” “Memories” is a new song of “Maroon 5”, he like it best.

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  1. 自从单位用上粤政易后,QQ就真的退出了我平时的生活。以前因为工作需要,还会使用到QQ,现在~已成历史。

    1. 是啊,定制的APP比QQ能更好用于办公。

    1. 过于美好过于幻想,过于平凡过于真实。

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