831.Week 12:From 21 March to 27 March

Sunday, 21 March. Numbered the papers. He went to school and worked for half a day. His wife went to school with him and helped him cleaning the printing room and the near office. Meanwhile, their little son Yangyang stayed at home by himself. Yangyang did his homework at first, and the rest time he spent playing games.

Monday, 22 March. 1) Received a phone. It’s about 10 o’clock, he received a phone “Hello, this is Zto Express. Is that Xiao Wang?” He said “Yes!” He thought it must be the cell phone he bought on taobao.com. Then he went to the Express Supermarket near the district he lives by taxi at once. But when he was looking for a taxi or a motorcycle he heard a voice “Mr. Wang, come here, go with me!” 2) “Go with me!” Wow, it’s his colleague F–F was driving an eletrimobile. They live in the same district. “Not so good? And I can …” He said to F. “It doesn’t matter, go with me!” He walked to F “Okay, thanks.” After he got to school he felt very powerful, it’s a magic day!

Tuesday, 23 March. A new keyboard. He received a new keyboard he bought on taobao.com. It’s a mechanical keyboard; he wants to put it in his office. Because he must type many words every day, and the old keyboard isn’t good as usual. In the evening, he connected the keyboard with his computer and felt great. It’s a wonderful keyboard!

Wednesday, 24 March. 1) Wednesday is popular. Like the other colleagues, he likes Wednesday best. When time goes to this day, there are just two days left this week. They may feel relax. All of the students of grade 7 and grade 8 finished a monthly examination today. Of course, the printing room’s work is lesser as usual. 2) He begins to use English, right here, right now. And he can have much time to surfing online or write weblogs to practice English. The year 2009 is important, he remembers it forever. Because in that year, changed his name in the local police station; he has a new name “WANG Yu Shuang”. If you have a different direction, it means “Shuang Yu WANG”–the king of Chinese and English. But ten years later, it seems to be in the wrong direction on these two languages. He did like the others. He believes he can “learn” English well, but a result he had always been disappointed. “Why do you learn ‘English’ in your life?” “Why don’t you use ‘English’ in your life?” He began to ask himself. There isn’t much big chance to show your English. He realized “I am just a common people, if I can use English in my life very well. My English is very well, too.”

Thursday, 25 March. A great day it is. 20210325好可爱的朝阳The morning sun is very big and very lovable, he gilds all the sky.

Friday, 26 March. Nothing special. Oh, no! He’s busy with the net disk. But it didn’t work very well. He spent almost all of his spare time on it, but there’s little success. “It may be a wrong decision to set up a net disk on my website. It’s a waster of time, and it doesn’t useless for me. Why don’t I give up?” He browsed many applications, such as Phpdisk, Cloudreve, Nextcloud, and so on. Some of them look great, and they can provide you many useful functions; some of them look like a beautiful bird,  but you may worry about their safety. To be honest, the QQ Microclouds is enough for his work. Why does he want to set up a private net disk? To catch the tide, of course! So it’s time to say “Stop!”

Saturday, 27 March. Sunny, he feels well. 1) Went shopping. He went to the “FireFox Clothing Wholesale City” with his wife and his little son after lunch. It’s a big clothing supermarket in the city they live. They go around and spent ¥39 for two sets of  short sleeves for him and his little son at last. The short sleeves are the same style — black short sleeves printed “Mr. Big”. They like parent-child outfits very much. 2) Went out with family. In the afternoon, his little son got out to play with classmate Q. About half an hour, he got out to find his son and his wife. Because he wants to know where they were. Furthermore, it’s a good day today, he didn’t want to stay at home alone, he wants to play with them. It’s about 3 p.m, he found them on the TF Times Square. They chant and played together. Sometimes, they bought ice cream, and sometimes, they ride bikes … What a wonderful day they have!

P.S. 1) Thanks for the website www.grammarly.com, because it helped him to check some grammatical errors. 2) He’s here waiting for you, and he hopes you can give some suggestions on the English expression. Thank you!

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    1. 刚逛了群晖在TB的旗舰店,家用版价格5k左右,相当一台电脑主机的价格了。不玩了。

    1. 这两天在了解NAS,它相当于一台电脑主机吧,放在自己屋里。得全天候天机才能用。

    1. 没有,放弃了,主要原因是担心网盘的安全隐患。还有就是对网盘需求不大,平时工作一个QQ微云足够临时存储、中转文件了。真正重要的文件,谁会放到网上去啊?一般都存在本地吧,哈哈!我不想搭私人网盘装B了。

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