826.Erase the Past

What’s past? The things had passed before opening your eyes. And what’s new? The things are going or will be going after opening your eyes. Someone said: your eyes’ opening and closing is one day. I also think so. Because the time we can hand is just between the opening and the closing of our eyes. Look back to our past, we did many things, and they are put in our memory’s space. If we want to go further, I think we should learn to abandon something, such as the logs we left on the internet. So I want to try my best to erase the past, I want to start a new angle of view. It is one of my great thought in this period, and it may bring me a new world. Of course, I may fail to make it. But If the dream is full of sunshine and love, who can stop me? If the answer is “NO!” I think it’s worth to have a try.

Today is March 14, 2021. It’s a meaningful day for me, because from today on, I don’t go on learning the most popular language “English”. Am I crazy? No! I understand English is one of my favorable languages, so all I should do is just coming along with it. I should use it but learn it.

10 thoughts on “826.Erase the Past”

  1. 我觉得你的英语很有问题。
    比如这句“Look back to our past, we did many things, and they are put in our memory’s space.”
    start a new angle of view,没有这样的说法


      1. 先从手机号、网名开始,百度一下出现的点击快照投诉,随后开始微博等社交平台。不过只要在网上待过肯定会留下一些无法清除的痕迹,比如点外卖、购票等等,这些信息估计早已泄露。

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