781.It’s Time to Wrap It Up

Some of what he has undergone since childhood delights him, some silences him and some makes him repent of.

Now no matter they are good or not, he thinks they had better come and then go away with the wind. The same as those who are forgetful, he wishes to empty his mind and free his body. He believes whether what he has done(missed) is good or not, it’s time to wrap all up.——Life is too short to remain waiting.

Next week, he is setting out to his first stop, Xijing Hospital of Xi’an, for disease treatment. He has realized that the disease he is currently suffering is more mental than physical. At this juncture, he has no alternative but to leave all misgivings behind and nerve himself to face up to his past. Only in this way can he live on with a clear conscience. He wishes to get rid of those lingering physical and mental problems. He agrees that mental suffering is more devastating than physical suffering. He will prefer to kick the bucket if these problems fail to be solved properly.

Of course, he has a happy family behind him. He is loved by his parents(-in-law), wife, child and other family members. Likewise he loves his family. He thinks that he should not chicken out anymore. Instead, he should take heart of grace to get rid of what he is suffering. Face up to the world and do whatever he wants. Be optimistic and ambitious. Live up to his own expectation and try to keep his family healthy and pleased!

——In no way will the boat of life keep wavering precariously in rough seas. It’s high time that he should wave goodbye to the past that disgraces him.







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