780.Went to the ChengHuang Temple

“The place we are going today is quite superstitious, but I don’t believe in it.” I told my wife. “Can you go with me and just have fun with it?” She looked at me with a special expression in her eyes. “Okay, let’s go.” I replied to her softly.

I went to ChengHuang Temple with my wife and my son the day before yesterday. There were so many bodhisattvas and fortunetellers, and one fortuneteller I met called Mr. Jiang told me about my future.

The ChengHuang Temple lies in the east of hy county and it took about ten minutes to get there. It is close to the hy Government Service Center. Our workmates also often talk about it, constantly saying how “The ChengHuang Temple is a special place and you’d better have a look.” So, we got there by 328 – – a special kind of taxi in hy county. Once we arrived, we were struck by the realization of being first timers. There was a great deal of people in the ChengHuang Temple. Some of them were male, some of them were female; some of them were elderly, some of them were young. Some were kneeling on the floor, some were talking with the fortunetellers, and so on. It was really busy during this time! However, I was sure that they all had a purpose, or a clear aim being there, because to them there were so many precious things there.

We waited for around 20 minutes and then met Mr. Jiang in the right gallery of the temple, with this being our first meeting. He was about 30 years old, and had short hair. He performed a rite for us with the help of several of his peers. We took part seriously and admired their patience and diligence while they were performing the rite. The whole process took about ten minutes, and I felt a little happy when they finished the rite. At the end of the rite, he told me “You should go out more often and try your best to communicate with others.” and “You should talk more about your feelings with your neighbors.” I realized I should communicate more and open my heart to the world. I will be the first to admit that I’m a little introverted, so I must do my best to change myself from now on. I need to change, I must change! “Thank you! We’ll try our best!” We said to Mr. Jiang and then left the temple.

After we went home, I opened iQIYI and watched a mental health program called “Anxiety & Depression” . Here, I also discovered something useful in the program. Thus, I arranged to watch the program during the rest time after returning from the ChengHuang Temple. I felt that what Mr. Jiang said in the temple and what AN-DaXiong said in the video was very reasonable and could greatly benefit me. I must practice what they have preached.

Generally speaking, that day was very special to me. Going to the ChengHuang Temple to see Mr. Jiang and watching a program on iQIYI might be the most valuable thing I ever did, because now I know how to care for my body and spirit every day.

First draft: 19,Oct.

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