777.I should be the main girder.

It’s cloudy today, I went to work by bike as usual. But there were some thoughts left last night in my mind. I thought I should do something for our family.

Last afternoon, my wife told me “Dear, I’m about to go to the Chenghuang Temple to meet a fortuneteller this evening. Can I go there?” “What?” I felt surprised when I heard it. And I asked her a question “What’s wrong with you? What happened to you today? Why do you want to meet a fortuneteller this evening?” My wife told me “I just met something which didn’t seem to be good these days. And it’s also my colleague Ms. Zhang’s suggestion.” “For example?” I looked at her. “For example, I had a traffic accident in front of the No.3 Middle School last week; and I dropped into a hole on the way to the No.6 Primary School this morning.” She’s watching me seriously with a sad sight. “Okay, go ahead. But you’d better find a partner. How about our neighbor Jiaqi’s mother?” I hope she goes to the Chenghuang Temple without danger. “I see.” She replied.

She went home at 21 o’clock, and took some yellow paper with her. “Was it given by someone in the Chenghuang Temple?” I want to understand it. “Of course! The fortuneteller in the temple told me to burn them in our kitchen after I got home.” “Oh, be careful, don’t hurt yourself.” I hope everything around her is right and safe.

Thinking back these years, her, our son and me; there are just three person in our family. Most of the time, she plays the main girder for our family. However, I’m a man; I should be the main girder of our family.

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