776.Is the direction very important?

I found a caterpillar when I went back from the washroom in the No.1 Teaching Building this morning. It’s a light green caterpillar. It was walking along the corner toward the corridor when I saw it. There was so much danger around it, but it didn’t seem to realize it.

There might not be any insect schools in its world, and the worms might not know the wise knowledge for living. They don’t know the harder they go straight, the closer they get to death. But I’m a person, I was educated in schools and I should understand some survival wisdom. Is the direction very important? Sure! I must realize it. But what I did in my thirty-eight years? Was the direction all right? I think I have experienced much success and failure in the past. But there is no doubt that I haven’t been able to summarize it seriously. That’s why I didn’t make any obvious progress in the units where I work. It’s the second time I found a worm walking along a corner this term. As the saying goes, the surrounding area seems to be a lake where we can take it as a mirror. We can watch ourselves through it. Perhaps we are also in it, the huge world all lives.

Why didn’t I help the worm to change its direction? Didn’t I want it to be safe in the next second? No! I want it to be safe and happy in the future. However, how about you? How about me? Can I forget about our family? Of course, the answer is “NO”. I think I should do something for you, for me, for my family, my students and so on. However, I feel keenly that my ability falls short of my wish sometimes. It seems to be necessary to adjust my direction in time.

Just like a caterpillar, everyone has his destiny. Sometimes we can do something about it, and sometimes we can’t. Why? The position and insight may be the best answers.

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