775.It may be a secret!

Did I forget a dream seems not to be achieved? Of course, if I didn’t try my best. What’s my dream? My dream is to improve my English level, then take my wife and my son along with me and go abroad a few years later. I will go to other countries for traveling, learning, working, and so on.

When you read this, you may laugh at me “How much money do you have? Who do you think you are? What did you do for it in the past? What will you do in the next second?” Certainly, I’m a teacher in a primary school in a western county right now. The ability on working and learning doesn’t make my boss satisfactory. Printing for teachers and students, I do the same thing day after day. I didn’t do anything special for my dream. So it doesn’t make any difference between I have a dream and I don’t have a dream. Silence is lost, and action is power; I should do something more if I have a dream and want it to be realized. I have a dream, it’s my hope, and it’s what drives me forward throughout my life.

The best language I love is English. It looks like a surprising world with a very beautiful landscape. However, I’m a boy in it, just like the others. Fortunately, I have a wife and a son, and they like English, too. This term, my wife bought an English online course named “LiYang Crazy English” and goes on learning English every day. Unquestionably, we learn English together every day. We’re a team of learning English. I know there must be a small dream in our heart, it just likes a light, although it may face wind and rain, I believe it won’t crush out.

Study something new every day. Speak or roar more favorite English sentences I love many times every day without stopping. What will happen some years later? It may be a secret!

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