We Bought a Blackboard

Saturday, May 2nd, 2020

If there’s a good idea, don’t let it remain in your head too long. You’d better act on it as soon as possible.

As we all know, there is a serious Corona virus pandemic at present and most of the students and teachers were told to stay away from school this term. Schools require teachers organising online classes and the students must attend them from home. What teaching equipment do we usually have for online teaching at home? Maybe a mobile phone, a student’s tablet or a desktop computer. These devices are not only suitable for students to have classes, but also very convenient for students to play online games. For trying something different, my wife and I bought a blackboard and set it on the living room wall the day before yesterday.

Our son Yangyang was very excited. He found his chalk holder and began to sketch on the blackboard. Generally, kids like painting and he is no exception. He had learnt some painting skills from his aunt during the last winter vacation. Incidentally, his aunt is a student of Changzhou University, and her major is Product Design. Drawing is one of her main courses. I remember clearly that he had told us “I had a very wonderful winter vacation because I came to know so much about painting from my aunt!” when we left our hometown for nx. Watching our child cheerfully writing and drawing on the blackboard at that moment, my wife and I smiled at each other. Wasn’t this the happiness we all desire?

Now, there’s a blackboard in our living room. We hope we can reduce the time spent on using electronic devices and increase the time we read or paint, and so on. We believe it’s more important and meaningful for our present lifestyle.

30 thoughts on “We Bought a Blackboard”

  1. 阅读理解,一般靠理解,一半靠猜。勉强明白“大体”了。初中之后就没好好做过阅读理解了,看着累,坚持不下去,做题就是快速预览找选项有的词语,找不到的就蒙一个。哈哈哈,我的高中啊。

    1. @姜辰:黑板贴客厅白墙上呢,客厅光线有点暗了——后悔没买白板!

    1. @大致:“We bought a Blackboard.”有标点符号,“bought”钟b应大写吧?已改正,谢谢提醒啊!

    1. @一介大叔:“If there’s a good idea, don’t let it to remain in your head for too long.”是哈,里面的for有点多余的感觉,已经更改;常来提醒哈:)。

        1. @行吟游子:“don’t let it to remain in your head too long.”已更正,thanks,Xingyinyouzi.

      1. @wys:文法没啥问题,组织语言可能还是偏zg,以及用词上比较僵硬吧。很多年前我也写过这样的,老外看过后第一反应是,嗯,大概是六年级的水准……



        1. @Yan:欢迎回访。谢谢(真的)直言相告,列举的汉语例子,我的第一感觉:过于平铺直叙。以后有啥,都直说吧,哈哈!

      2. @wys:文法没啥问题,组织语言可能还是偏zg,以及用词上比较僵硬吧。很多年前我也写过这样的,老外看过后第一反应是,嗯,大概是六年级的水准……



  2. 如果有个好主意,不要让它在你的脑海里停留太久。你最好尽快行动起来。

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