We can’t give up easily!

    Monday, April 27th, 2020

For improving our diet, I bought 2.4 kilograms of beef at the butcher’s yesterday. The shopkeeper gave the meat with a lot of fat, and it was almost 600 grams. People around are used to eating beef with lesser fat, but this time I was given a lot of fat with it. What should I have done? However beef fat wasn’t useless anyway, and I could put it to some use. Suddenly, I remembered that there are many dogs beyond the street.

I wanted a partner on my way to finding the dogs, and there was just a little boy named Yangyang to give me company; he is my son. So that afternoon I asked him to go with me, and we went out around the street where we lived. Our aim was to find stray dogs and give them the beef fat. We planned to go from Xihu Garden towards Huashan Garden, then through the Ximen Market, and go home from there. What felt strange was that we walked almost three kms. down the street and found nothing! I said to my son “I wonder if the stray dogs were caught and killed because the Corona virus pandemic is quite serious at present, and some organisations might think that stray dogs can spread disease and infect people.” “Maybe”, my son said as he looked at me with a very sad expression. It was a little far from home, and we went on along the street with little hope. 

On the cross-road near the housing estate Fumin Garden where we live, my son looked at me and said, “Dad, I want an ice cream. Could you take me to the shops across the street?” I said: “Of course, baby! Let’s go.” We then walked along the street and planned to find a shop but there were many cars next to the street as usual. Suddenly my son shouted to me: “Dad, I found it! I found it! There’s a dog! Oh, no, there are two dogs.” I looked in the direction my son was pointing in. I found there were two dogs under the cars. “Dad, there are two more, one is in the street near the car, and the other is in the flower patch. The other two are smaller than those. Are the two small ones and the two big ones same family?” I said to my son “Yes, it’s possible. You are so smart.”

So we crouched down carefully, and I took out the bag of beef from my pocket. We made a soft noise with our mouths and the dogs noticed us too. We threw the beef fat under the tree and waited for the dogs. They looked doubtfully and came hesitantly. “Chuchu, chuchu…” we called out the dogs while throwing the fat and after sniffing with their noses cautiously they began to eat. We stepped back softly and watched with happiness. “Ha-ha! We made it! We made it! We made it!”, my son and I exclaimed together. Just when we were about to give up and return home, we found the dogs and at that moment we felt very successful.

Was it just a coincidence that what we were seeking we finally found and it was not one but four of them? Does God love to play games with people? No, I think hope always comes from our persistence. If we have even one more breath, we should do our best to reach the goal we have set. We can’t give up easily.

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  1. 努力看完,我想吐槽下……



    1. @姜辰:哈哈,我在摆造型呢!有机会来新疆,烤肉少不了喔!

    1. @大致:是哈,有时候爱做傻事儿,爱的泛滥,淹没了回家的路。

  2. 不得不说,我是翻译后才看得懂上面的文字。是否可以今后直接双语呢,也要让我们复习下英语单词。

    1. @响石潭:让石潭见笑了,我也是电脑分屏:一边word,一边iciba.com才拼凑完这篇日志的呢!

  3. 大佬的英语太强了,不知可否以后多一个重难点单词在文后做一个汇总介绍?

    1. @慕容潭谈:还不是看到慕容潭谈高中自学日语,还玩日文网游。//巧了,我也高中自学了一段时间的日语

    1. @叶先生博客:真可以的话,就不这里装酷了——不可以,才练啊!

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