730.How were your choices?

Perhaps you felt happy when you led a varied life, but you must understand that the varied life was based on the many choices around you. In other words, you were drowning in data but possibly starved of information. You would sometimes feel tired too when you are told you must make a choice amongst so many options.

So what should you do? Maybe you better study harder than yesterday and improve your ability gradually at making choices. For example, if you have a web-log and you maintain cordial relations with your neighbours but eventually you find that their personality is completely different from yours, at least you can recollect when you were still friendly to them. Aha, it’s just a little joke. You seem to be a good listener; in fact, you did with reluctance perhaps.

Since there are so many choices all around the world, some choices are necessary and you should earnestly prepare to make them. However you must know here are still some choices you can make; you must understand that the choices made by your own self will affect your future more than before.

As time goes by, how important will be the choices we make at present? Don’t care about the answer for now but go on trying your best to do what you aim for without any hesitation. Don’t let a great idea remain just a thought in your mind for too long.

20 thoughts on “730.How were your choices?”

    1. @老喵:老喵好;这是给人打工的;大家好才是真的好。每天水果蔬菜,水,散步,锻炼,进行的咋样了?

    1. @遇深:实话,这个土地上,读书量最大的时候莫过于高三了,高三,高三,cn的高三(高山),成就了一部分人的时候,也不知压垮了多少充满青春梦想的肩膀。

  1. wah,what should I say, Let me think of the chicken soup of heart and soul, time is so fast, life is just a span.评论内容需包含中文。

    1. @行吟游子:用心排列组合的文字段落,或许太小儿科,但一定是原滋原味的,欢迎订阅:)

    1. @姜辰:非常期间非常好,图片评论,别人ImageURL一些不和谐内容咋办啊,有空我想加个表情包吧。

  2. 人生如梦,难得糊涂。

    1. @奋斗的小财神:在博客上记录自己的原始心情,也算认识自己的一种途径吧,我会坚持的。

  3. 不同的人选择了不同的生活方式,大多数人都曾踌躇满志地规划了远大的目标,却不经意地被生活的重压渐渐钝化了勇气,小心翼翼地苟且前行,越是如此,越是怕失去。

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