729.Who do I wish to live as?

——Impressions of Film “John Wick:Chapter3-Parabellum(2019)”

When you’re in trouble, who expects you to make it out? Your family, your real friends, or the men without any ill feeling of you? I think the best answer is the hope in your heart.

Sometimes you did something correctly, such as a doctor helps a patient sufuring the wound on his right shoulder. Though the doctor obeyed some rules and “stopped on the hour” exactly. And few people believe it but the doctor and his patient. It’s easier doubted than trusted. As the saying goes, “Love your neighbor, yet pull not down your fence.” So, we seem to be living in thick of doubt.

“Your penance will be paid in blood.” Unquestionably, if you want to let somebody trust you, you may make a great sacrifice. It’s may be a Cross Mark, “a dog”, a ring finger. Of course, we can’t kill the bearer of our marker. When ours need help, we should be there. I do believe everybody is the center of his world. Nothing’s ever just a conversation with us when we are in trouble. You never know, what will happen next second. The farther a man goes, the more he wants to back where he started eagerly. Why? Recall the past, memory someone important in his heart. It seems like that everyone is suffering from the consequences of their actions. What should we be when we are in others’ eyes, in our eyes, in our memory, in the dark…? Some of them might be enemies of us and we won’t put a gun and shoot them. Because they originated from ourselves, we can’t sell our soul anyway.

After of all, there’s still a real question, “Who do I wish to live as?” I’m afraid the answer is a long story from person to person.


Extract from Film “John Wick:Chapter3-Parabellum(2019)”

    I do hope that Mr. Wick finds his way to safety.
    He knew the rules, he broke them.
    Do you expect him to make it out?
    Can I help you?
    “Russian Folktale”, Alexander Afanasyev, 1864.
    “Consider your origins. You were not made to live as brutes, but to follow virtue and knowledge. ”——Dante
    I still have time.
    No help, no services of any kind.
    -Top shelf. On the right. Yeah.Take four. It will give you energy. Help with the pain. Mr. Wick? They’ll never believe I stopped on the hour.
    -But you did.
    -They’ll know.
    -Know what?
    -I told you where the medicine was.
    One may not be enough.
    “Tale of two wolves.”
    It’s been a while.
    Show him the way.
    -You forget that the Ruska Roma is bound by the High Table, and the High Table stands above all? They could kill me just for talking to you. You honor me by bringing death to my front door. Jadani, what has become of you?
    -I am Jardan Jovonovich. I am a child of the Belarus, an orphan of your tribe…You are bound to help me… You are bound… And I am owed.
    -Rooney, enough! With me.
    The High Table wants your life.
    How can you fight the wind?
    How can you smash the mountains?
    How can you bury the ocean?
    How can you escape from the light?
    Of course, you can go to the dark.
    But they’re in the dark, too.
    So tell me, Jordan.
    What do you really want?
    So be it.
    How may I help you?
    There are rules, they are the only things that separate us from the animals.
    Sofia! You can’t kill the bearer of your marker.
    This is your blood. Your bond.
    When you needed help, I was there.
    What could he possibly give to you?
    Your penance will be paid in blood.
    I have served, I will be of service.
    Nothing’s ever just a conversation with you, John.
    What brings you to my domain?
    Do you come here to kill me?
    No, you cannot keep my dog.
    My son, how have you come to be so lost?
    Never seen a man fight so hard to end up back where he started.
    Sir! Put your weapon down.
    He’s Excommunicado.
    Unless you wish to become the same, I suggest you lower your gun.
    -They sent men to kill you, and now you to kill me. Isn’t that why you’re here?
    -I have served, I will be of service.
    -But you’re having doubts. Just don’t make the mistake of pretending this is personal. If you feel you must, put a bullet through my heart. The High Table has asked me to step down.
    -The hour?
    -The hour.
    -You should have killed me in the Continental.
    -Maybe I shout have.
    -Rules and consequences.
    -It seems like everyone is suffering from the consequences of their actions.
    -And you’re not stepping down?
    -No. I don’t think I am.
    -So it’s war?
    -You’re going to war with the High Table?
    -Skirmish. Unless you decide to shoot me. But, then, I’d rather die at the hand of a friend than that of an enemy. No, I’ve made my choice. It’s up to you to make yours.
    -What choice!
    -You shoot me, you sell your soul.
    -But I’ll be alive. And I can remember her.
    -Until you die as a servant of the High Table. Now, you did the impossible, you stopped, you got out. You only came back because Helen was taken away from you. The real question is, who do you wish to die as? The Baba Yaga? The last thing many men ever see? Or as a man who loved and was loved by his wife? Who do you wish to die as, Jonathan?
    -You can take the Continental. I have no doubt about that. But keeping it, that’s a different matter entirely. My allegiances run way beyond this building.
    -We are High Table.
    -And we are New York City.
    The Continental will now be reconsecrated.
    Mr. Wick is gone.
    And they’re about to find out, if you cut a king, you better cut him to the quick.
    Cause I am really pissed off.
    You pissed, John? Are you?

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    1. @王光卫博客:不敢;学习中,与现代诗比较,觉得古体诗多少更凝练些。

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    1. @逆时针:好记忆,不如烂笔头,值得回忆的点点滴滴,与自己心灵的对话,有空记下来,老来回味。

  2. 工作之后,很多技能是为了用才去学的,反而掌握得快,如果没有实践,很快就把学到的遗忘了。

    1. @逆时针:是啊,像初中化学,还有物理知识,现在一个都记不起了。数学,语文,实用些吧。

    1. @姜辰:不想学猴子掰包谷掰一个丢一个,或者有点功利心,想多点存储吧。忘了,说明没有世俗功利心啊!

    1. @双双对对爸爸:习惯性思维可能会改变识字速度,打乱文字次序,好多陌生人第一次读我名字都是“王双语”。

    1. @WRZ:还没忘记我哈,深圳是改革开放较早的城市吧,公司生活节奏肯定比内地快吧。平时注意体育锻炼——我自己也很懒。

  3. 要做到“云淡风轻”“宠辱不惊”,说起来容易做起来太难。人都是感情动物,做到如此豁达前没有经历过大风大浪肯定是不现实的。

    1. @发泡鲸:避免过多的索取,让欲望跟在能力的后面,一步一个春秋。除了自己之外,对自己想法和行动影响还比较大的就是周围的环境了,人总是习惯于将自己对TA人对比。

  4. 太在意,易失意,看淡多一些事情,少一些心上的负累,脚下的路就可能越走越轻松,越走越自信。

  5. 工作和生活中时常遇到诸多积压于内心的烦恼,不得释怀,要学会看淡一切,善待自已,不要把自已逼得太紧。不妨狠下心来丢下案头的工作出去走走,花开花落,云卷云舒,问题终会解决,烦恼不也是过眼烟云。王老师,电脑上看你的博客,文字段落空一行吧,文字多,字体小,密密麻麻看着好累呀,呵呵。

    1. @逆时针:与家人海阔天空大谈了一番,尝试看谈手里的东西,顿时心情好了许多。///谢谢建议,已经修改。

    1. @MR.CHOU:神一样的对手,猪一样的队友,他们之间只是站位不同,本质上没什么区别。神一样的队友,猪一样的对手,才是我最想看到的。

    1. @MR.CHOU:总想写几个字来表达注册和注销这个想法,写一段三五百字的文字绞尽脑汁也写不出来,与其这样,不如编个顺口溜。

    1. @逆时针:快过的人都知道。一直快或一直慢都感觉不好,生活总该有些波澜。

  6. 还得遇到什么样的人,使得你更新..

  7. 我很直接,拒绝直接就说不想帮,懒得帮。平时我对身边朋友都是这么拒绝的,也导致了关系不是特别密切,但是有好处,不会被人粘着

    1. @梁兴健:其实有些人找你帮助,也只是抱着尝试的心态,不那么地虔诚,尤其是初次打交道的时候。

  8. 我觉得吧 要帮就帮 不求回报 要么就是有代价的“帮”,或者是不帮 干脆点!

  9. 这不是帮不帮的问题,这是工作责任划分的问题啊!工作都找别人做了,那单位还要你干啥?

    1. @大致:“工作都找别人做了,那单位还要你干啥”,一针见血,学习了。以前,党务工作是主要的工作;现在党务工作是次要的工作,手里有更多的活儿了。

    1. @菜鸟博客:“当你的帮助变成了惯例,将会在别人的眼中一文不值!”多么经典的一句话,谢谢分享到我的博客。

    1. @看,那只鸽子:拒绝一人的同时,悦纳着另一人。人生是本读不完,弄不通的书,慢慢做中学,学中做吧。

    1. @外码:思乡情浓。贵站WIN7下IE和QQ浏览器都打不开,只兼容高端浏览器吧。

  10. 去他的世间奇葩,独爱记忆中的老树昏鸦,何苦挣扎于天涯,打个电话回家。哈哈,常想一二,不思八九,新年快乐!

    1. @明月清风:是的,总想将一些事情记下,以后有的回忆,免得N年以后的自己,脑海一片空旷。

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