Week 18:From 2 May to 8 May

Sunday, 2 May. It’s the second day of “International Lable’s Day”, he plans to visit the “Liupanshan Red Army Long March Scenic Area” with his family. At about 9:00, they got out of “Longde Hostel” and found a breakfast bar to have breakfast. Then they go straight to the destination.20210502Entrance ( Liupa[……]

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Value Evalution is Muti-dimensional(价值评估是多维的)

There are two-person, “A” and “B”. A looks very handsome or very beautiful, and B looks deformed. Which one do you like? Possibly, your answer is “A”.You may like A better.

If I tell you that A did something bad to his(her)colleagues many years ago. If you just knew the truth. What’s your new ans[……]

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Week 17:From 25 April to 1 May

Sunday, 25 April. He goes to school to print the certificate of merit for the sports meeting in the afternoon.

Monday, 26 April. The deputy headmaster ZW award prizes for the excellent classes in the sports meeting. He took some photos of the printing machines for the accountant. Why does the acc[……]

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Week 16:From 18 April to 24 April(第16周记:4.18-4.24)

Sunday, 18 April. He takes his family to “Guoguoxiang Rotating Hot Pot”. It’s 164 yuan, a bit expensive. Before went there, he went to the “Fleet of Time”, and the price “Fleet of Time” is 68 ¥ per one person. They have the same price. But the food in “Fleet of Time” is better than “Guoguoxiang Rota[……]

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Week 15:From 11 April to 17 April

Sunday, 11 April. 1)We’d better go early. They got up early. When they arrived at the breakfast shop near the piano practice class, it’s just 8 o’clock. They have half an hour to have breakfast. He didn’t worry about that “Dad, I don’t eat born, because I have no time. I must go.” This morning, his[……]

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Week 14:From 4 April to 10 April

Sunday, 4 April. He stayed at home and washed some clothes.

Monday, 5 April. Today is the Qingming Festival. When it comes, people have another day to rest. Became when it became a nationwide festival holiday, it added Saturday and Sunday, he has three days off. But he has a question: once upon a[……]

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Week 13:From 28 March to 3 April

Sunday, 28 March. What happened? Six days passed. He forgot what happened this day. Perhaps he was busy changing the system operating language from Chinese to English.

Monday, 29 March. 1) We need you. He went to work as usual. Before he left home, “My dear, you must go to school by taxi, listen[……]

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Week 12:From 21 March to 27 March

Sunday, 21 March. Numbered the papers. He went to school and worked for half a day. His wife went to school with him and helped him cleaning the printing room and the near office. Meanwhile, their little son Yangyang stayed at home by himself. Yangyang did his homework at first, and the rest time he[……]

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